Friday 5 April 2024

Location: 12pm-1pm

Location: Zoom Meeting


We’re one third of the way through 2024, and research suggests that by this point 80% of people have already given up or forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions (and only 8% of people stick it out until the end of the year)

It’s likely you’re

  • struggling to stay motivated and on track
  • feeling disappointed or frustrated with your lack of progress
  • feeling stuck or stagnant in terms of your personal or professional growth
  • watching others around you achieving their goals or significant endeavours and feeling left behind
  • struggling with leadership-related issues such as ineffective communication, team conflicts or difficulty motivating your own team leading to additional stress and discomfort

Which all means then you may have be carrying a fear that you’re missing out on opportunities for advancement or success, either in your career or personal life.

It’s time to change that.

We understand the challenges leaders and managers face when it comes to achieving goals.

We have been intentional about the timing of our first webinar for 2024, Empower Your Pursuit. We want to help you reboot and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and reach new heights of success.

This webinar is specifically designed to address the pain points you’re experiencing.

Whether it’s:

  • lack of motivation
  • feelings of underachievement
  • or leadership challenges holding you back

… we are committed to you, the pursuit of your potential and have solutions to help you.

Imagine walking into Q2 (or Q4, depending on how you look at it), no longer frustrated or stuck in your current situation. Picture yourself feeling empowered, confident, and in control of your journey.

Organisational Psychologist, Leadership Expert and Author, Clifford Morgan, will be hosting this one hour interactive session, helping you to gain the clarity and motivation you need to turn your 2024 goals into reality.

Say goodbye to frustration, doubt, and stress. It’s time to start feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to conquer the challenges that are standing between you and what you want to achieve this year.

Join us and take the first step toward a brighter, more successful future.

This webinar is NOT for people who want the same results as last year and are happy with the status quo. Do not attend if you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, or become LUMINARY.

Click below to reserve your spot and level up in 2024.

Friday 5 April 2024

12pm – 1pm

Location: Zoom Meeting



Clifford Morgan

Cliff is passionate about partnering with leaders and their organisations, helping them to unlock their potential and perform at their peak. A registered organisational psychologist with over a decade of service with the Royal Australian Air Force, he brings a wealth of experience that provides him a unique perspective to assist his clients. His approach combines his military discipline and focus with the application of psychology in a way that challenges mindsets, influences culture, and empowers people.

As a coach he has worked with military commanders, business leaders, lawyers, and professional services consultants. In a consulting capacity, he has experience in organisational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, and peak performance programs. He derives great satisfaction in seeing those he works with achieve success, knowing that his contribution has made a difference.


If you lead a team of any size, or you simply want to develop your own leadership capability and effectiveness by harnessing executive coaching skills, I highly recommend subscribing to Lumian to get notified of the next training day. I know I’ll be there with our clients.

Business leader, Professional Services Industry

I attended a Coaching Leader Program run by Clifford Morgan and it was exceptional. Clifford is engaging, personable, insightful and incredibly knowledgeable. He recognises that leadership is challenging and often a lonely role that requires a combination of self-awareness, resilience and emotional intelligence. He has the tools for leaders to develop capabilities to lead and influence effectively and to become a transformational leader.

CEO, Healthcare Provider

SO MANY invaluable tools! Thank you!

Not-for-profit Leader and Small Business Owner

Today consolidated so many concepts I’ve known in such an easy to digest and applicable manner. It’s honestly the most useful leadership PD I’ve done – reducing the anxiety / imposter feelings into empowerment of how to lead well.

Founder, NDIS Provider

If you are interested in becoming a luminary in your field, you must reach out to Clifford. In a world littered with poor management and leadership, this man will help you become the coach that your team and business need! Highly recommended.

Host, Podcast