Maximising Employee Performance Clifford Morgan

Friday 12 May 2023


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Are you a leader or manager and you find it challenging to effectively maximise the performance of your team through productive performance conversations? The reality is you’re not alone.

Many of the leaders and managers we speak to struggle to find a natural rhythm in delivering productive performance reviews that lead to better outcomes.

Among their concerns or issues are:

  • a lack of key metrics to adequately measure the performance of an employee
  • delivering feedback that might hurt an employee’s feelings potentially resulting in the employee becoming defensive or hostile in response
  • employees potentially label performance reviews (feedback) as bullying.
  • overwhelmed at the time commitment involved in delivering performance reviews while also achieving the outcomes of the organisation more broadly.
  • unsure of how best to conduct performance reviews effectively getting the best out of the employee and delivering great outcomes for the organisation.

Because of these reasons and many others, leaders put off the necessary hoping their team will find their own way or discern their own levels of performance, OR the performance discussions are reduced to a compliance activity to meet HRs KPIs.

The issue with this approach is that if we neglect developing the skills or creating the space to foster a healthy approach to delivering productive performance conversations with our staff, everyone suffers.

The Journal of Management found that when managers lack the skills to effectively manage employee performance, it can lead to lower job satisfaction, reduced motivation, and increased turnover among employees. This can result in increased costs for the organisation due to the need to recruit and train new staff.

The Harvard Business Review found that ineffective performance conversations can also have a negative impact on employee engagement and productivity. When employees feel that their manager is not interested in their performance or is not providing them with clear feedback and guidance, they may become disengaged and less motivated to perform at their best. A McKinsey Survey indicated that over half of all employees think their managers don’t get the performance review right.

In this webinar, Leadership Expert and Organisational Psychologist, Clifford Morgan will unpack:

  • the foundations for great performance conversations
  • how leaders can (and when not to) leverage coaching skills to implement effective practices that lead to productive performance conversations and maximising employee performance
  • how to get the greatest ROI from your performance conversations.

Friday 12 May 2023


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Clifford MorganABOUT YOUR HOST

Clifford Morgan BPsych (Hons) MOrgPsych

Cliff is passionate about partnering with leaders and their organisations, helping them to unlock their potential and perform at their peak. A registered organisational psychologist with over a decade of service with the Royal Australian Air Force, he brings a wealth of experience that provides him with a unique perspective to assist his clients. His approach combines his military discipline and focuses with the application of psychology in a way that challenges mindsets, influences culture and empowers people.

As a coach, he has worked with military commanders, business leaders, lawyers, and professional services consultants. In a consulting capacity, he has experience in organisational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, and peak performance programs. He derives great satisfaction in seeing those he works with achieve success, knowing that his contribution has made a difference.