Results Based Leadership


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“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not by attributes.”

Peter Drucker


In many circles of middle and senior managers the measure of success (or in this instance, results) is most often focused on the ability to execute and get things done. In doing so, it often comes at the expense of developing people simply because those with a focus on task feel it takes too much time away from meeting deliverables. The irony is this style of leadership makes leaders less effective overall.

Equally, leaders can become too people focussed might do so at the expense of delivering results due to effort building consensus among team members instead of getting on with the job.

Renowned leadership expert Warren Bennis expressed, “The more that is written about leadership the less we seem to know.” While the multitude of leadership literature often promotes various and often opposing qualities of good leaders, one thing we do know is that effective leaders achieve results. It’s true that character and charisma are important leadership attributes that enable leaders to positively influence those they lead. However, if the most charismatic individuals with the highest levels of integrity don’t achieve results they simply are considered not to be good or effective leaders.

Much of traditional leadership development focuses solely on the development of leadership attributes; be they character-based or skills-based. While the development of such attributes is critical to the growth of leaders, it is necessary they lead to the fundamental core function of leadership – that is to facilitate change that achieves results.

There are various forms of results that leaders need to pursue. Broadly speaking those results fall into three different categories. These are organisational results, employee results and customer results.

Results Based Leadership


Healthy leaders, and organisations focus on all three. Maintaining this balance is one of the great challenges of leadership. It’s not simply just spreading your time equally across the three areas. The challenge comes when desired results in one area compete or seem in conflict with results in another. The art of great leadership is the ability to pursue initiatives in a way that produces results in multiple categories.

This webinar will walk through the steps leaders and managers can take to go from being a likeable leader to an effective leader, balancing results across all three areas.


Friday 15 July 2022


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Your host:

Clifford Morgan

Cliff is passionate about partnering with leaders and their organisations, helping them to unlock their potential and perform at their peak. A registered organisational psychologist with over a decade of service with the Royal Australian Air Force, he brings a wealth of experience that provides him a unique perspective to assist his clients. His approach combines his military discipline and focus with the application of psychology in a way that challenges mindsets, influences culture, and empowers people.

As a coach he has worked with military commanders, business leaders, lawyers, and professional services consultants. In a consulting capacity, he has experience in organisational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, and peak performance programs. He derives great satisfaction in seeing those he works with achieve success, knowing that his contribution has made a difference.


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