Midday (AEST), Friday 29 September 2023


Do you struggle to find the time to develop your staff?

Do you find yourself always coming up with solutions for them?

Do you have the time, but just don’t know how?

Do you wish your staff would show a little more initiative?

Is it time to stop fighting fires?

Gartner reports that 45% of leaders don’t feel confident in their ability to develop their people, while 70% of HR executives believe leaders need to increase development efforts with their people.

The way we used to manage our people has changed from the traditional command-and-control practice towards a new approach: the strategic use of questions to spark insights, learning, and development opportunities from those we lead… an increasingly popular approach called COACHING.

The “godfather” of coaching, Sir John Whitmore defines coaching as “unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance.”

Coaching is recognized around the world as one of the most effective development strategies for both teams and individuals. At its heart, coaching is simply asking strategic questions. In answering questions, individuals are forced to think differently and adopt alternate perspectives. This allows them to identify new approaches and facilitates them in solving their problems.

When a leader has coaching skills, every time a team member approaches, a problem becomes an opportunity to coach. Every opportunity to coach becomes an opportunity to role model independent problem-solving and strategic thinking.

The training budget of many organisations is beginning to reflect this new approach with increasing investment in coaching skills for leaders.

However, we don’t all have time to march off and get our coaching qualifications. By mastering a few simple techniques, and adjusting our way of working, we can get better at managing our people, and increase productivity and retention in our organisations.

In this masterclass, leadership expert and Organisational Psychologist Clifford Morgan will introduce the coaching models and how they can be applied in the workplace while leading people. Additionally, you will discuss some of the challenges currently facing leaders and managers and how leveraging coaching skills will increase:

  • initiative and productivity
  • motivation and ownership
  • innovation and creativity
  • strategic thinking
  • wellbeing
  • sustainable performance

… while also reducing,

  • stress and anxiety
  • reliance and bottlenecks, and
  • staff turnover.


Clifford Morgan

Cliff is passionate about partnering with leaders and their organisations, helping them to unlock their potential and perform at their peak. A registered organisational psychologist with over a decade of service with the Royal Australian Air Force, he brings a wealth of experience that provides him a unique perspective to assist his clients. His approach combines his military discipline and focus with the application of psychology in a way that challenges mindsets, influences culture, and empowers people.

As a coach he has worked with military commanders, business leaders, lawyers, and professional services consultants. In a consulting capacity, he has experience in organisational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, and peak performance programs. He derives great satisfaction in seeing those he works with achieve success, knowing that his contribution has made a difference.

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