Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Friday 4 August 2023


Are you a leader or executive in pursuit of your leadership potential but find your inner voice, fears, and doubts creep in, hindering your progress and keeping the proverbial ceiling on what you’re truly capable of?

Perhaps it’s the…

  • Fear of failure – you may fear that you won’t live up to your potential or achieve the goals you set for yourself. You worry about making mistakes, disappointing others, or not being able to handle the responsibilities that come with your position. As a result, you stop dreaming big and minimise who you are.
  • Self-doubt – you may struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, questioning whether you are truly capable or deserving of your roles. You may worry that you are not skilled or knowledgeable enough to succeed.
  • Fear of criticism and judgement – let’s face it, leaders often face scrutiny from others, and this can create a fear of criticism and judgment. You might worry about making unpopular decisions or facing backlash from stakeholders, employees, your boss, the board, or the public.
  • Fear of the future – leaders operate in dynamic and uncertain environments, and perhaps you may fear the unknown. You might worry about the impact of external factors such as economic changes, technological disruptions, or shifting market conditions on your potential for success.
  • Fear of conflict – as a leader, you will often face challenging situations that require you to make tough decisions and manage conflicts. You may fear the potential consequences of your decisions and worry about your ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics.

These fears and problems can vary based on the individual leader’s personality, experiences, and the specific context in which they operate.

The noise in our heads can start to get so loud that we lose focus on what’s the next step right in front of us. Don’t let your fears and challenges define your leadership journey. Effective leadership often involves acknowledging and addressing these fears while developing strategies to overcome them to pursue one’s potential.

Emerson writes, “People are bundles of beginnings”. Once we have a vague idea of what we want to achieve, most of us know how to start down the path of pursuing our potential.

In this 1 hour webinar, Organisational Psychologist and Leadership Expert, Clifford Morgan will share what he has learnt about potential on his own journey so that you are equipped with the tools to help you unlock something in your mindset to allow you to think differently about your own potential and as a result, achieve more.

You will gain:

  • a greater understanding of the pursuit of potential
  • knowledge on how to navigate the levels of potential to take you to the next step in your leadership journey
  • an opportunity to ask questions on how to navigate the areas holding you back
  • a special offer for those that attend the session on the day.

Register today and embark on a transformative journey towards greater success, fulfilment, and influence. It’s time to break free from the limitations holding you back and embrace the leader you were meant to be.


Please note: the webinar will be recorded and made available to registered delegates following the session.

About the host:


Clifford Morgan is a leadership expert and endorsed organisational psychologist with over seventeen years of service with the Royal Australian Air Force. His years of service leading and coaching people – both in uniform and out – bring a wealth of experience that provides a unique perspective to assist his clients. During this time, he has trained hundreds of leaders to use coaching skills to develop people and lead more effectively. As a coach, Clifford has worked with CEOs, military commanders, government executives and business and community leaders across various industries. Clients choose to work with Cliff because of his engaging nature, incredible insight and passionate commitment to leadership coaching that has inspired and innovated leaders and teams across Australia.



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